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What is Equine Bodywork?  This broad term includes but is not limited to massage, structural alignment, red light therapy, therapeutic exercises, and muscle activation to straighten, strengthen, and supple our horses.

Can you relate to the following...

Does your horse?...

-Have trouble with leads, or lead changes?

-Pins its ears when you do up your saddle?

-Drift to the outside of a circle, or drops a shoulder to the inside of a circle?

-Have a job that is physically demanding such as showing, feedlot, or racing?

-Have a vice such as tail twitching, or bucking when you ask for the lope?

...then body work can help your horse.

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How does it help?

Bodywork is never going to replace good veterinary care, or proper conditioning exercises. However, it will compliment an already existing solid conditioning and health program for your horse.

Bodywork increases circulation, relaxes muscles, increases range of motion, promotes muscles to heal quicker, and reduces pain and inflammation.


The result of effective and regular Bodywork makes your horse more comfortable, straighter, and stronger, resulting in injury prevention and better overall performance.

What to expect out of a session?

1. Intake & Health/Performance History.  Age, breed, old injuries, jobs, and your goals for them and our session.

2. Posture assessment.  I will look to see what your horse's posture is while standing still.


3. Range of motion assessment.  Can they move their joints evenly on both sides (ie. jaw, poll, back and hips)?


4. Muscle assessment.  I will note any muscles that are sore, atrophied, swollen, over-developed, and tight.


5. Movement assessment.  I will watch them move in a straight line and or circle to see how they move.

6. Bodywork. The session typically goes through quiet massage, deep massage, red light, muscle activation through exercise, and or stretching type of work, depending on the horses unique condition and requirements.

​Each session will last one 1 hour (60 minutes).


7. At-home exercises or stretches.  The owner will typically be provided with 2 exercises or stretches tailored to each horse based on what is discovered in each session.  Exercises are targeted at the primary issue and/or secondary issue.  Depending on how much compensation or changes your horse makes, prescribed exercises can and will vary, per session.

How many sessions does my horse require?

Depending on your goals, here are some options. 

A.  Single session to gather information about your horse, with Bodywork


B.  5-6 sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart.  This is a more assertive approach and can create lasting changes.


C.  Once session per month, for 7-8 sessions. This is a slower approach for lasting changes.

Sessions will take a clients’ budget, schedule, and time-frame into consideration. Clients can choose from any of the above suggestions or create a program that works for them and their horse. 

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