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I focus on teaching the rider to cue their horse clearly and concistently, so the horse understands the rider better. 

Going back to basics to make sure all our cues are simple and easily understood by the horse so that when we start doing challenging maneuvers, the horse is ready and willing.  Much like 1+1=2 Then moving on to 2+2=4. 

We piece our basic maneuvers together to do the more challenging ones.

I was always told as a young rider, the more invisible your cues, the better connection you have with your horse. 


No matter if we want to jump, calf rope, barrel race, western pleasure, dressage, cutting, because all of these have different ways to cue the horse.  They all start with the same basic cues.  Did the horse understand the cue? Did you ask with as little pressure as you could? Did you use as much pressure as you need?  Did you reward the horse for trying?

No matter the age or experience, we can always learn something new to help us and our horses.


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