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Melanie Lausen Equine Services

Melanie Lausen

Certified Equine Specialist

If you want to learn more about me and what I do, this is the place.

I take my passion of riding, coaching and equine bodywork to ensure the horse is a happy and willing partner in our rides. I want to make them as happy as I am to be around them.

My passion for horses started with my sister and our Pépé working with standarbreds and our own saddle horse.  My first job was working at Little C’s Ranch helping with chores, trail rides and teaching beginner lessons. 


I first came to Alberta for the Old’s College Equine Science Western Major program.  And boy was that amazing.  I was immersed into a whole new world of horses.  We covered everything from western pleasure, penning, fence work, driving teams, colt starting and so much more.  I had never been more terrified and excited.  Which has since been my life moto, if I am scared and excited it must be worth doing.

After that I worked for and with amazing cowboys and cowgirls starting colts, loping cutters, working in feedlots taking care of cattle.  I honed in on my skills to train horses and work cows.

I soon learned how looking at many other points of views can help our horses, especially the troubled ones.  Good training, good gear, good vet, good farrier and now bodywork came into my views.  I learned that a sore horse cannot perform, and can get worried.  My next step was to learn how to identify and help in the areas with bodywork. 



I started getting certifications in bodywork.  The first being Helen J Woods Equine Science course in BC.  Then Equinologie’s Equine Bodyworkder Level 1 massage therapy, and many more courses along the way to help me help horses. 

Now I live in Strathmore Alberta with my husband, who is an amazing farrier, and he shared with me his passion for rodeo.  With his family we would calf rope, breakaway and team rope.  Now we raise our boys amongst horses, cows and hockey and couldn’t be any happier doing it.

I have competed in various kinds of arenas.  Pleasure, Rodeo, Cowboy Challenges, and now Ranch Horse Versatility. 


My next goal will be the practice up into the working cowhorse arena.

I love combining my passion for riding, coaching, and bodywork to

 “Help You Help Your Horse”. 


-Olds College Equine Science Western Major Diploma.

-Western Rider level 1-4 certification.

-National Coaching Certificate Program.

-HJW Equine Science Certificate.

-Equinology Equine Bodyworkers Level 1.

-27 years riding coach.

-12 years bodyworker.


My Philosophy

''Helping You Help Your Horse''

Helping you have a better connection and feel with your horse by making sure they are comfortable and you a communicating clearly to them.

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