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Melanie Lausen

Certified Equine Specialist, EEBW1

Melanie takes her passion for riding and coaching and combines it with her

knowledge in Equine Bodywork to strive to create willing, and happy equine partners,

no matter what your discipline may be. Her motto is “Help you, help your horse”.

Melanie’s passion for horses began at a young age while working with her

Pépé (Grandfather) training Standardbreds along with her own Saddle Horse. Her

first job was typical of most young, horse-crazy kids, working at a local Ranch. She

learned how to do chores, pack locals on trail rides and taught beginner riding lessons. 


Melanie first came to Alberta for the Old’s College Equine Science Western Major

program.  She excelled in the program, learning everything from western pleasure, to penning, fence work, driving teams, to colt starting, and so much more. 

After College, Melanie worked alongside many amazing Cowboys and Cowgirls to fine tune her skills in starting colts, loping cutting horses, working in feedlots taking care of cattle, and more. 

Melanie soon realized that there are many facets to keeping a horse healthy and performing it’s best. She was particularly interested in helping the ‘troubled’ horses. Solid training, well-fitting gear, good veterinary care, regular Farrier work and good Bodywork came to the forefront of her approach when working with all equines.


Melanie first received her Helen J Woods Equine Science Course Certification in 2010. She then completed the Equinology Equine Bodyworker Level 1 (EEBW1) in 2015. Melanie has continued her education in Body Work and Instructing, including InHand Equine Therapy Courses, Integrated Red Light Therapy and Muscle Activation Development. 

She has taught western riding at various local stables for over 27 years. Melanie received her Equine Canada Western Rider Level 4 in 2005, and then the National Coaching Certificate Program certification (NCCP) that same year. Her 13 years of experience as an Equine Body Worker heavily influences how she instructs, to help each Horse and Rider feel and perform their best.

Melanie resides in Strathmore, Alberta with her Award-winning Farrier husband Chad, and their two boys. Their family is involved with horses and loves all things rodeo and ranching. They also regularly participate in local Gymkhanas, roping events, working cattle and cowboy challenges.  Their boys also play Hockey in the winter months.


Melanie’s next goal is in the Working Cow Horse arena. She plans to compete in reining, fence work and cutting in the near future.


My Philosophy

''Helping You Help Your Horse''

Helping you have a better connection and feel with your horse by making sure they are comfortable and you a communicating clearly to them.


Tel. (403)826-3867



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