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Cowboy Challenge 

Cowboy Challenges at Lausen Indoor Arena are firstly geared towards introducing people and horses to obstacles and better our horsemanship and competition. We want everyone to feel free to learn and grow in our Novice division. Then start competing in the Intermediate and then pushing yourself for open. 


colorful bridge.jpg


Novice any age:

Easy trail class type obstacles with the cowboy challenge rules but can go slow when you need. 

horse head.JPG

Green Horse

Green Horse,any age of horse that this is their first year competing.  

Obstacles will be geared to give horses confidence.

Cowboy challenge pic.jpg



This division will start seeing some more interesting obstacles to challenge themselves.

Bugs Jump.jpg


This group will have the same interresting obstacles as the intermediate.  Except they will be expected to maneuver the obstacle in a more difficult manner.

The Little Details

For the past 2 years, we have been needing to adapt to the changes happening around us. We will continue to adapt and change as needed so please ask us any questions.


We will update this page when needed.

For the 2021/2022 year, we will require every adult that comes from off property to be double vaccinated. We will use the QR codes to check. We will wear masks in the tie area, lobby, and warm up. Once you are competing, then you may take it off once you enter into the arena.


Now onto the fun stuff.

This year's fees will be $60 an event. $5 towards the judge and $20 towards the winning pot.

We will do the events in this order starting practice will be at 9 am. We will do pre-entries that will close the Tuesday before the event. Then I will give everyone an approximation of what time each event will start based on the numbers that sign up.


We will not be doing a finals this year, but have each competition have its own individual winners. We will see how this system works and make changes if needed.  If you would like to know how we judge, it is very similar to the 'extreme cowboy association'. 


But the main goal is inclusive to everyone, taking the time it takes to get our horses good, and most importantly, having fun!

or text

Tel. (403)826-3867




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